Daily Verse – Philippians 2:3

Do nothing according to eritheian – self ambition. The two occurrences of this word, here and James 3:4 – are better understood as strife or contention. Don’t act if it is a result of, or results in, faction or intrigue – being contentious or continuing in opposition. Instead, act in humility – tapeinophrosune – modestyContinue reading “Daily Verse – Philippians 2:3”

Daily Verse – Hosea 6:6

For I desire – chaphets – I delight in. Nine occurrences in the O.T., all translated ‘desire’ but with a clear meaning to be something was pleasing or not. Mercy – checed – goodness or kindness. Perhaps a good deed or favour. We should all delight in kindness and favourable acts towards people. At thisContinue reading “Daily Verse – Hosea 6:6”

Daily Verse – Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God. Try it right now. One minute – sit and be still. No thoughts. Breathing calmly. Close your eyes, but no napping. If you managed that, well done! Most people freak out and think of all the things they have to do or should be doing or wantContinue reading “Daily Verse – Psalm 46:10”

Daily Verse – James 1:2

Making the word order a little easier to follow in the Greek Interlinear, this verse reads, ‘Esteem it all joy, my brothers, when you might fall into various trials’. This verse may well be the equivalent of that common saying, laugh in the face of danger. Neither are reckless or uncaring of what happens nextContinue reading “Daily Verse – James 1:2”

Daily Verse – 1 Corinthians 13:13

I have chosen the Message version today because I absolutely love Peterson’s exhortation to ‘Trust steadily in God’. The Greek Interlinear tells us that this first of three behaviours for us is ‘faith’. The word is pistis, which is used 36 times in the N.T. and always of an active faith: e.g., your faith hasContinue reading “Daily Verse – 1 Corinthians 13:13”

Easter Day Thoughts

It has been more than a year since I entered a physical church building. No one could have imagined the events of the last year which has contributed to me making that statement. I have always believed that the church of God is the people and not the stone and glass, but it did strikeContinue reading “Easter Day Thoughts”

I’ve Been Kondo’d!

Studying martial arts from a young age taught me not underestimate the small person – for most of the time I was that small person.  Lifestyle, tidying, de-cluttering guru, Marie Kondo is definitely one of those opponents you should be wary of. I was gentlemanly and didn’t look up her personal information but from watchingContinue reading “I’ve Been Kondo’d!”

What Would You Do With 47% Extra Time?

A study, led by Harvard, claims that an average ‘knowledge’ worker works in a state of distraction for 47% of their time. Flip this around. By being more focused they could accomplish the same amount of work in half the time. Or potentially double their output. Just because we are ‘creatives’ it doesn’t mean weContinue reading “What Would You Do With 47% Extra Time?”